My name is


I am a Shamanic practitioner and have been professionally for 17 yrs.

Since I was a child my connection with Spirit was always strong and have always felt I was a part of something bigger.

I was led to Arizona where the lessons I learned were a journey of the soul where Life-Death and Rebirth along with Shadow work and the Shamans death prepared me for the work that I now perform.

I use the Sacred Path Cards by Jamie Sams and the Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams & David Carson. Through meditation, ritual and ceremony do I keep connected to my Spirit Guides and power totems.

I am a seer, teacher, healer and warrior. I will release my clients of any disturbance that they may have troubling them and give them knowledge to help follow up. I will get to the root cause of your problem and give sound answers to any and all questions that arise.

My abilities enable me to correct and heal mind, body and spirit. To free you of confusion and give you Spirit led messages that pertain to the direct situation.


I use a personal Medicine drum to heal and reconnect all to the heart beat and rhythm of mother Earth. There are no problems too small nor any that are too great that cannot be solved as the love and light of Spirit is channeled through me to give you guidance, direction, health, wealth and welfare.

I hope that you may be and have a blessed day as you walk this earth in beauty. Aho!