A Healer: Mental, Emotional, Physical,
Spiritual, and Sexual

I am an experienced Shamanic Practitioner and drum maker for 16 yrs now and have begun a private practice.

The work that I do is of the old ways and I have had the joy of spending time with the Maetis Medicine followers, Sweet Medicine Shoppe, and many others.

Join with me some time and share your stories I would love to know you better.

Thanks goes out to all of you who are my friends here and it is truly an honor to be a part of the whole.

I am available for Healing and related Shamanic services by appointment CONNECT NOW!

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Thomas is recognized as:

A Master Psychic and Visionary Medium

A Moon Phase Magician

A Creator of Original Medicine Drums, Medicine Bags, Staffs and Rattles

Soul Retrieval, Power Retrieval Expert, Facilitator of Past Life Regressions

He can also help with Animal Totems